Managing Technology

Significant factors are leading associations and their management companies to reconsider the way they think and approach their futures. Members look for and demand a favorable price/value equation. Look around your next meeting and note how the room’s demographic composition has changed. Today’s associations are comprised of new members who are technologically savvy and accepting only of instantaneous connection and response. They want information and access when they want it, and in the form they want it, right now.

For associations, it’s all about engagement. Given the fact that new member acquisition is so challenging, nothing is more important than ensuring all members will renew their memberships next year and well into the future. Smart phones and tablets have changed the landscape forever and ‘online’ access must now be platform neutral.

For years, Ruggles has embraced these changes with new and proven technology especially in the membership management and marketing areas. We understand the changing dynamics of the member base and will increasingly create and curate content delivery methods targeted to individual members. By doing so, members will become more actively engaged with the association and will be provided with greater access to education and benefits.

At Ruggles, we continually assess our clients’ goals and then provide them with the appropriate technology solutions. At its core the Ruggles strategic plan is blending proven technology with Ruggles’ invaluable repository of intellectual capital. This institutional knowledge combined with the existing strengths and talents of the organization will position our company for the next 40 years.

As the dynamics of associations change, so does Ruggles. Ruggles is able to provide the following technology for your organization: meeting faculty submission portal, private sites for board and committees, digital posters, membership apps, mobile meeting guides, QR codes, mobile-responsive web designs, abstract submission sites, online dues and registrations, online meeting evaluations with real time data and charts, and social media integration. Given the quantitative and qualitative success of these technologies, Ruggles intends to continue to invest and expand its digital and mobile presence to meet the growing needs of your members.